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Hi! My name's Igor Baron.

I am often asked this question:

~ "Is the internet wealthy lifestyle a myth?"

Nope. Absolutely not!

Though internet marketing is a big ocean with a huge whirlpool of information, everyone can start living with a laptop and working from any place in the world.

I don’t say it must happen overnight but it’s a reality, not a myth.

And I know it from my experience.

Read my story below to learn more about who I am and why you may want to listen to me.

For those of you who don’t know me I’ll give a quick introduction.

Like most of us here, I used to work for a small company.

Though my boss paid me well, it was a stressful job with long hours. Sometimes I had to work 12 hours a day for weeks at a time.

One day, feeling depressed and exhausted, I realized that it’s time to change something in my life.

I wanted to find my way out of the rat race and start making more money while working less.

It was early in 2000 when I made a big decision, one which would finally set me on a completely different path.

I Began Dabbling in the Internet Marketing

At the beginning I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or how to start.

Finding free time was my most pressing challenge. With barely enough time to sleep I was unable to think big and take action.

I decided to start small, with just 1 hour per day.

Every morning I woke up at 4:00 am to learn new things online. It was all my time (only 60 minutes per day) that I was able to squeeze out.

During that limited time, I was trying to achieve sustainable results – traffic or sales, or both – by setting goals with a clear focus on one single strategy or technique.

No distraction! No shiny objects! Just one method to learn and master.

There were many strategies and methods, and not all of them worked well for me in one way or another. I had to learn everything the hard way, with no help or support.

But I was a quick learner.

It took me about a week to earn my first money online.

I bought a domain for $1 and sold it for $300 to a local business guy who was running a laundry service. I couldn’t believe it actually was happening in my life! It was an exciting experience that completely changed my mind about getting online and making money. This small success boosted my motivation and self-confidence.

First, I started buying and selling domains. I did it every day. Domain flipping became my first income stream. Not every domain was a success though. Some days I earned more, some days less but it worked well. And it didn’t take much of my time, either.

Then I also learned how to avoid online scams. You may know those crazy 'get rich' quick schemes that supposedly let you become a millionaire overnight?

I quickly understood that there was no 'push-button' shortcut. It did not exist. By taking small steps I started to clearly see the bigger picture of the real ‘making money online’ world. The only way to success was through learning and implementation.

The more I learned and took action, the more I earned.

Some of my clients, who had previously bought my domains, began asking me to help them with building and ranking their websites in Google.

Others were interested in generating leads and sales by using paid traffic sources.

While doing small gigs for my clients I was learning SEO, PPC, list building, and social media, that pushed my marketing experience to the next level.

Freelancing freedom

In 2006 I made a crucial decision to say “Goodbye” to my boss. By that time, I had already gained enough experience to start working full time as a freelancer.

I was eager to help local companies and private individuals that wanted better brand awareness and maximum exposure for their business.

Here’s a list of my services and gigs I was providing:

  • SEO (competition analysis, keyword research, building backlinks, on-page & technical seo)
  • PPC (Google/Bing ad campaigns management, bidding strategies, copywriting)
  • Social media marketing (paid traffic campaigns, engagement, content creation)
  • Blogging (Wordpress set-up, plugins and technical issues, content writing, and curation)
  • Email marketing (building a list, open rates' optimization, list cleaning and segmentation)
  • Media buying (banners ads networks, traffic generation, conversion rate optimization)
  • Affiliate marketing (CJ, Amazon, CPA Networks: funnels setup and optimization, traffic)
  • Programming (Python/ PHP / JavaScript /MySQL)

However, after 6 years as a full time freelancer, I decided to stop trading my time for money. I was going to finally start working at my own projects. Also, I had a dream to share my knowledge and experience with other marketers.

Now I make a good living online as a full-time marketer and entrepreneur running my own business from my home.

Helping others succeed online is my passion

The purpose of this website and my Youtube channel is to share with you different marketing strategies and techniques that have drastically changed my life for the better - freedome and passive income.

Here I want to be as transparent as possible with everything I do online so that you can replicate my results.

I hope my success will be a source of inspiration that will motivate you to do the same and help you build your online business fast.

Feel free to hit me up anytime with any questions, comments or ideas you may have.

To your success!

~ Igor